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December 6th, 2013, 6:04 pm

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So this is what I've been up to recently. I decided I wanted an avatar character to represent myself whenever I need to, so why not try to bring my 8-bit one to life in MM7 and MMZX styles?

Only thing is I'm pretty meh at doing sprites. So if you can, constructively criticize these things to hell and back, please.

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User's Comments:

Reply The Wonderous Kitsu, December 6th, 2013, 8:23 pm

I'm going to seperate criticism into three parts, one for the mm 7 style sprite, another for the mm z style sprite, and lastly for the MM 8-BIT style sprite.

MM 7: Well, it's good, but the face could use a little more shading, and the pants and boots could probably be shaded better and not pillow shaded. The posture is nice, and such, so it's overall pretty good. 8/10.

MM Z: Wow, there is a good spot for improvement here. First with the shading. It's sorta bad, even for MMZ standards. It needs to be a little less pillow shaded, and have more of the second brightest and brightest shade. The head could use more shading and the hair could use to have more of the brightest shade. Another thing is proportions. Her arms are tiny compared to her legs and body. You should make them longer. The positioning of the legs need to be more natural, so i would scoot the right one a little bit left and change the position of it,lastly, her breast is a little to high, lower it by a pixel or so. Overall the sprite is okay, but needs a lot of improvement. 4/10

Well, it's 8-bit, shading is nonexistent, which is good. The head is nice and so are the proportions. The posture and such are nice, and it's just overall really good. 10/10.

And I understand that shading on these is hard, because megaman shading styles are non-consistent and really weird when it comes down to it. But yeah, just keep practicing and you'll be good to go.


Reply Quirby64_:D, December 6th, 2013, 8:55 pm

@Advertisement: nothing wrong really you're just not using proper NES and SNES colors.

and also in the MM7 one you bit-mixed.

Reply Cascade, January 13th, 2014, 5:59 pm

*while strolling around SJ encounters this*
Huh okay

Well I can't do Megaman 7 style, but I'm pretty good at ZX so I'll offer some criticism for that.

This is assuming, of course, you haven't done anything with/to ZX style sprite since this was posted.

The legs look a little odd. The right leg starts too thick and meets the body too far to the right. Just move the top three pixels of the leg to the left one pixel, and make the leg below that a little thinner.

I'd also advise going with four shades per color on ZX sprites (and 32-bit sprites in general), except for the eyes. Speaking of the eyes, reverse the positions of the light and dark shades of green.

Reply Master_72, January 14th, 2014, 7:52 pm

God I had to go through so many drafts for this.

This is actually good. I'll start by saying as much. So as to not seem harsh, I'll start with the bad things and go onto the good things.

Bad point is some of the shading. For the MM7 style sprite, it seems to have very good shading. But on the middle section it just seems to get rather bland (I'm talking about the chest plates, legs to the hips and the shoulders). Add better shading there. As for the MMZ style sprite, err, oh man, that's just... Just, add more overall shading to her clothes and try to decide your "light point" to better contrast. (Also why is she dressed like that it's turning me on)

(I'm not usually turned on. And this is a sprite)

Another bad point is some of the detail on the ZX sprite. I believe I talked to you about detail on sprites before, and when you're messing with Zero style, you've got to really add some of it. Your character just seems... Bland. It's not to say it's terrible, but this is also design-wise. Try adding more to her wardrobe because this is just looking like a 8-bit sprite with the height and some shading of a XZ sprite. Also your 16-bit sprite. I understand you're probably going for a standing/idle pose, but she seems slumped down, her height compared to normal megaman seems to have shortened (the 8-bit sprite is much taller than megaman but the 16-bit one is about the same height. This id inconsistent and bothers me. I'm sorry if this seems nitpicky)

Good points now, the hair. I just love your hairstyle choice on both of them, especially how the locks go over the ears. That's something many spriters have difficulty pulling off, but you've landed it pretty nicely. Shading on the hair is also neat and slick. You added contrast in the right places. And although the 16-bit's eyes seem small they're pretty well-done. Same for her armor design. Now, as for XZ, the boots have rather good shading (but can't say the same about her face)

Now I'm going to follow Kitsu's strategy and separate the scores for each sprite.

MM7-style: 7/10 - The height inconsistency and the serious lack of proper shading in the middle region is bad, but overall it's very good.

MM XZ: 5/10 - Serious problem with the shading and you don't have a set light source so it just looks like you added minor shading everywhere. Design is bland but the wardrobe turns me on so that's a plus.

And that's it. I really hope this helped in any way, cause in the end that's the point of

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